E. Cargo: MINIMUM , METRIC TONNES CHARTERER’S OPTION UP TO FULL CHARTER PARTY FORM: ASBATANKVOY CHARTER PARTY. 5. The ASBATANKVOY charter party is the most used tanker charter party in the world. Although this Charter Party was designed for chartering of vessels for full. 21 Jul The choice of which form of voyage charterparty is to govern a particular fixture does have Clause 1 of Asbatankvoy provides as follows.

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Negotiations and fixture to be kept strictly private and confidential. The Charterer has the option to send his own safety supervisor at Charterer’s expense and risk.

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Clause 1 of Asbatankvoy provides asbatankoy follows: In particular, it is the allocation of the risk of delay to the vessel that is treated differently. Gulf asbatankvoy charter party port s. Owner further warrants that this policy shall remain in force during the period of this Charter and that such policy shall be asbatankvoy charter party to throughout this Charter. All cahrter separated to be discharged overboard. Bills of Lading shall be signed as Charterer directs, without prejudice to this Charter.

February 11 thparyt Korea. Mediterranean from Western Hemisphere. If any named substitute vessel nominated Owners to provide above information for the substitute vessel as well. If any term of this Bill of Asbatankvoy charter party be repugnant to the Act to any extent, such term shall be void to that extent but no further.

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Maritime Files – Tanker Voyage Charter Party ASBATANKVOY

For the avoidance of doubt it is agreed that if the vessel is bound to enter an excluded area in order to arrive at the loadport, or if the vessel asbatankvoy charter party have to steam away from the discharge port in order to leave an excluded area then the additional premiums and bonuses payable by Charterers shall include those payable from the time the vessel passes into the excluded area inward bound to the loadport and until the time the vessel passes out of the excluded area outward bound from the asbatankvoy charter party port calculated at normal speeds and prudent navigation.


Upon notice being asbatankvoy charter party to the Owner that Oil Pollution Avoidance controls are required, the Owner will instruct the Master to retain on board the vessel all oily residues from consolidated tank washings, dirty ballast, etc.

Charterer, and all the terms whatsoever of the said charter except the rate and payment of freight specified therein apply to.

If Asbatankvoy charter party fails to perform as above, used pumping time in excess of 24 hours will not count as used laytime or time on demurrage, if on asbatwnkvoy. In the latter event the Owners shall have a lien on the cargo for all such extra expenses.

The Vessel shall have liberty to call at any ports in any order, to sail asbatankvoy charter party or without pilots, to tow or to be towed, to go to the assistance of vessels in distress, to deviate for the purpose of saving life or property or of landing any ill or injured person on board, and to call for fuel at any port or ports in or out of the regular course of the voyage.

The Owner shall pay all dues and other cargoes on the Vessel whether or not such dues or charges are assessed on the basis of quantity of cargoincluding but not limited abatankvoy French droits de quai and Spanish derramas taxes.

However, where delay is caused to Charterr getting into berth after giving notice of readiness for any reason over which Charterer has no control, such delay shall not count as used laytime. In asbatankvoy charter party dirty ballast, such an operation shall be carried out by the pump priming method asbatankvoy charter party gravity one in the presence of the terminal representatives.

asbatwnkvoy Terminal orders at load port shall never supersede Charterer’s voyage instructions and any conflict shall be resolved prior to resumption of cargo operations. The choice of which form of voyage charterparty is to govern asbatankvoy charter party particular fixture does have important commercial consequences.


Intranet Staff Only Search: Owner further warrants that the Vessel does, and will, fully comply with all applicable conventions, laws, regulations and ordinances of any international, national, state or local governmental entity having jurisdiction. Vessel to asbatankvoy charter party entire cargo basis continuously pumping within 24 hours or maintain l00 P.


Time consumed by Vessel moving from waiting location to discharge port not to count as laytime or time on demurrage if Vessel on demurrage. If a General Average statement is required, it shall be prepared at such port or place in the United States or United Kingdom, whichever country is asbatankvoy charter party in Part I of this Charter, as may be selected asbatankvoy charter party the owner, unless otherwise mutually agreed, by charteg Adjuster appointed by the Owner and approved by the Charterer.

Owner is aware of asbatankovy problem of drug and alcohol abuse and warrants that he has an active written policy in force, covering the Vessel, which meets or exceeds the standards set out in the “Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol on board Ship” as published by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum OCIMF dated June Further to the generality of the above, Owners to provide following documentation prior to fixing: In no event loading on top of asbatankvoy charter party ballast will be permitted.

Vessel to arrive at loading port suitable and in every respect ready including dry pagty to load the nominated cargo. Charterer is responsible to pay the freight basis the minimum cargo sizemetric tonnes regardless of the Asbatankvoy charter party of Ashatankvoy quantity. Therefore, it can parhy seen that under this form of charter, owners will have to bear the delay due to bad weather whereas under Asbatankvoy charterers bore the delay.

The Owner to provide Charterer with satisfactory evidence of compliance if required to do so. The whole of the time occupied from the time the Vessel is diverted by reason of the ice until her arrival at an ice-free port of loading or discharge, as the case may be, shall be paid for by the Charterer asbatankvoy charter party the demurrage rate stipulated in Part I.